Dear ENS patients,

This year is ending, and wonderful winter holidays are awaiting us – Christmas and New Year. It is a very special time: time when we summarize the results of the completed year and make plans and resolutions for the upcoming year; time when we leave old things that do not serve us behind and look forward to start a new year filled with hope and inspiration. Also, it is the time of year filled with miracles and beauty; time when strong universal energies encompass the world and humanity gets united. On this special occasion, ENSIA would like to take advantage of this exceptional time and share a Prayer for ENS patients and their families. There could not be better time than now for such an endeavor!

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” (Mark 11.24)

We would like to suggest reading and feeling the following Prayer in your Heart every day 1x or 2x a day starting from today and ending on Dec 31.

Also, since the effect of any Prayer is stronger when several (the more the better) people gather to pray together, we would like to offer reading this Prayer on specifically appointed times to create a powerful egregor and send out a collective intention. The times of collective prayers are:

  1.  December 22 at 2pm (14:00) GMT+0
  2.  December 25 at 2pm (14:00) GMT+0
  3.  December 31 at 2pm (14:00) GMT+0

In order to calculate time at your location, you can use the following GMT calculator:

Important to note:

  • You do not have to inform us about your participation. It should be an intimate conversation between you and God/Universe
  • Other ENS patients will be praying together with you at the same time at their own geographical locations
  • It does not matter whether those who pray are physically together or far apart since we all are connected in Spirit
  • Prayer concerns only those ENS patients who willingly participate in it and accept the intended effect