OSU Study Annoucement

Anyone who is interested in getting a nasal airflow evaluation, can now obtain a FREE evaluation if you participate in the OSU study on Nasal Congestion & Smell Loss. By participating, you will have your airflow evaluated using Computer Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis. This could be an important part of your ENS treatment to correct your airflow.

For those who also have smell loss, this is a great opportunity too. Patients do NOT have to have both issues (congestion & smell) in order to participate, so either you have a nasal obstruction or smell loss due to ENS, you are welcome to participate in the study.

IMPORTANT: No need to travel to Ohio! Simply send your CT scans, medical records, & fill out some forms by e-mail. After you contact them, they will provide you with a list of all the necessary documents that need to be filled out and sent to them together with your CT scans.

They need as many ENS patients as possible to participate, since 200 patients are required for the study.

Information about study: http://ent.osu.edu/research/nasal-physiology-lab/index.cfm

Anyone interested can call 614-366-1794 or email: Bhakthi.Deshpande@osumc.edu OR Kai.Zhao@osumc.edu.

For additional questions, please contact ENSIA at info@ensassociation.org.