ENSIA is very pleased to announce that the first version of the ENS Treatment Testimony Form is now available online! Seeking medical care for ENS can be confusing, expensive, with no guarantee of results. Consequently, this is an excellent opportunity to make your voice heard and share your experiences in treating your ENS – be it positive, negative, and otherwise – and to gain greater insights into ENS treatments in the process.

The benefits of this form is that testimonials:

  • follow a single (unified) format
  • use the same (identical) assessment criteria – which allows to reduce bias and facilitate the comparability of results
  • take into account the context and individual features of each ENS case (e.g. type and extent of damage, location, previous treatments, etc.) – factors affecting the outcome of treatment
  • patients share their testimonials anonymously and freely – without fear of censorship or reprisal

The completed testimony forms shall be published in the ENSIA members’ zone, to which ENSIA members will have access to view.


  • Any harassment or attacking of doctors shall be prohibited, as the purpose of these forms is only to evaluate treatment options, not the doctors who are trying to help us.
  • These forms do not represent a scientific consensus or opinion in any way, and ENSIA does not hold responsibility for the information provided by participants, (including provision of false information, attempts to manipulate the results, etc.).

We strongly encourage you to acknowledge the extent of your personal responsibility before other ENS patients and share your testimony honestly and truly.

You can find and download the testimonial form on ENSIA’s web page at: http://ensassociation.org/ressources/ens-treatment-testimony/.

NB: Before completing the forms, you are urged to read the four-step Instructions, which will save yourself much time and energy, and make the process of completing these forms quick and easy.