The ENSIA is dedicated to providing support and information to individuals affected by this disabling condition. There is currently no cure for Empty Nose Syndrome.

The Empty Nose Syndrome International Association (ENSIA) was founded in 2014, to raise awareness about the condition and support research into its treatment. The ENSIA joins together already established national and local ENS communities and brings together ENS sufferers from around the world.

Aims and objectives

• Raise awareness about Empty Nose Syndrome
• Educate people about the condition
• Support research into its treatment
• Raise funds for treatment
To achieve these goals, we have created this website, which is meant to be the most important database about Empty Nose Syndrome on the web. One of our priorities is to give ENS more visibility and we aim to create campaigns in order to raise awareness amongst ENTs, researchers and general public.

Legal status

International Empty Nose Syndrome Association is a charitable association registered in Latvia by the Latvian Republic Business Register (Reg. No. 90000270634, Perses street 2, Riga, LV-1011, phone 67031703, fax 67031793), of on the basis of the law of Latvian Company Register 10.2 and Article 18.1 third paragraph of Article 18.2 and the first paragraph and associations and foundations Section 17 third paragraph.
Association’s number: 40008243457.
Association’s official date of creation: 19/10/2015.
ENSIA is a member of EURORDIS, the voice of rare disease patients in Europe.
ENSIA is supported by members of American Rhinologic Society.