Please join ENSIA!

Membership fee:

New Members: To become a Member of ENSIA, you will have to make a Registration payment of 45€, which consists of 15€ (Entry fee) + 30€ (Membership fee for the first year of Membership). This is a one-time payment at Registration.

Current Members: For current Members, the annual Membership Renewal Fee is 30€.

Important: Membership renewal is not automatic. Therefore, do not forget to renew your Membership on an annual basis.

How does the membership application process work?

Payment options:

You can make a Registration or Membership renewal payment to ENSIA via Paypal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer:

Bank transfer

How does it work?

  1. After we receive your payment of 45€ to our PayPal or Bank Account, you will receive an email from ENSIA to complete your Membership Registration.
  2. After your Membership Registration is completed, your ENSIA Membership Account will then be placed in a “pending”status, awaiting approval.
  3. Your Membership Account will receive approval within 48 hours, and you will then have access to all areas of the website.

Didn’t find the email from ENSIA in your inbox? Please check your Spam folder!

Why should I join ENSIA?

The Empty Nose Syndome International Association (ENSIA) was founded in 2014, to raise awareness about the condition and support research into its treatment. The ENSIA joins together already established national and local ENS communities and brings together ENS sufferers from around the world. The membership fee allows the association to exist.

Please join us and help us with our mission.

ENSIA’s aims and objectives are:

• Raise awareness about Empty Nose Syndrome;
• Educate people about the condition;
• Support research into its treatment;
• Raise funds for treatment;

What are the advantages of being a member?

Being a member of the Empty Nose Syndrome International Association gives you access to great membership benefits.

• Personal help from knowledgeable volunteers for any question about ENS.
• Access to our by-laws, financial report and other documents.
• ENS resources including:
  • A list of ENS-friendly doctors around the world with descriptions of what treatment they offer along with their contact details;
  • A list of ENS-related websites;
  • Regular emails with updates and progress on new treatments;

Most of all, you will be helping the Association fulfill our objectives. Because only when our voices are united can we raise awareness and find a cure for Empty Nose Syndrome.