Steven Houser, M.D. is featured in an April Cleveland Magazine article, “Cleveland Cures”, which examines nine ways Cleveland offers the best medical care in the United States. Dr. Houser is associate professor of otolaryngology at Case Western Reserve University and director of rhinology, allergy and sinus at Metro Health Medical Center, and is one of the few ENTs in the United States to treat Empty Nose Syndrome (ENS).

Dr. Houser’s innovative treatment for ENS is discussed as # 4 of the 9 ways Cleveland offers the best medical care in the U.S, in the section, “Knowing the Nose”.

Tracing Dr. Houser’s early interest in ENS as a third-year resident at Cleveland Clinic, the article describes the way in which implantation of cadaver dermis in the nasal turbinates can help improve ENS symptoms, such as nasal airflow sensation. Dr. Houser’s treatment focuses on improving nasal sensation and breathing in patients who experience paradoxical obstruction, a central feature of ENS. According to the article, Dr. Houser believes that ENS occurs from poor healing that can take place following surgery to reduce the nasal turbinates, where nerves fail to regenerate. Patients report a 40 to 80 % improvement following treatment with Dr. Houser. Patients from all around the world come to Cleveland to see Dr. Houser.

You can read the full article HERE.