It has long been speculated by both ENS members and ENS-knowledgeable doctors alike that, due to his multiple nose surgeries, Michael Jackson suffered from ENS.

 Like many ENS sufferers, Mr. Jackson suffered from years of insomnia.  He was inappropriately prescribed the anesthetic drug propofol to help him sleep for 60 consecutive days shortly before his death, the overdose of which was believed to have caused his cardiac arrest. Despite helping you wake up refreshed, propofol disrupts the sleep cycle and renders no restorative rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.   In 1998, Mr. Jackson informed his dentist who specializes in anesthesia, Dr. Catherine Quinn, that his sleep with propofol constituted the “best sleep I ever had.”

 Our collective suspicion that Michael Jackson suffered from ENS was confirmed during the Jackson wrongful death trial when family practitioner, Dr. Alimorad Farschian, testified on August 21st, 2012 that his insomnia was a direct result of a ‘possible’ “empty nose syndrome.” (the link to the video: )